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Downloads & Documents

This page is intended to facilitate printouts and downloads of material relevant for the Astrophysics program.

Almost all listed files are available as portable document format (pdf). Opening these files requires Adobe Reader.

Admission to PhD studies (LMU)

  • Admission form LMU (PDF)

Submission of PhD Thesis

The original documents are available on request from the secretary of the Physics department at the LMU (Ms. Barbara Podolski, Tel. +49 89 2180-3340, Fax. +49 89 2180 - 3978).

Some of the documents are still in German. They will be exchanged with English versions as soon as they become available.



Admission to the PhD Zulassung zur Doktorprüfung
LMU Thesis Latex Template LMU Thesis Latex Template
Declarations Erklärungen
Statutory Declaration Ehrenwörtliche Versicherung
Submission of an Electronic Dissertation Neues Verfahren bei der Abgabe elektronischer Dissertationen (info from the Physics Faculty)
Submission for Electronic Theses Formblatt für die Abgabe von elektronischen Dissertationen
Form for the Issue of a Blocking Note Sperrvermerk zu Dissertation
Promotionsordung - konsolidierte Fassungen (nicht amtlich) vom 24.11.2003
University library website with all forms and updated information related to the electronic submission of the PhD thesis Universitäsbibliothek-Website mit allen aktuellen Informationen und Formblättern zur elektronischen Abgabe der Pflichtexemplare
List of LMU and TUM examiners Liste möglicher LMU und TUM Prüfer

See also: PhD regulations of the LMU for the Physics department (German only)

IMPRS Documents

Misc Documents