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Fellowships and Work Contracts

Students at the IMPRS on Astrophysics receive fellowships from various sources: e.g. funding is provided from the Max-Planck Society (MPG), from the institutes budgets, from ESO and the German Science Foundation (DFG). This can lead to small variations in the monthly rates among various students. On average, however, the monthly payments are all at a comparable level. The following table gives a brief summary on the fellowship rates. 


The local institute decides which type of funding will be offered to each student.



Finance via a Work Contract:

  • 1st year about EUR 1.570 net per month (depends on German tax class)
  • 2nd and 3rd year about EUR 1.705 net per month
  • Statutory child allowance for each dependent child: EUR 190,00 per month
  • Tax relief for married students
  • Basic German health insurance already included
  • Contract students have to choose a German health insurance

Yearly income:

1st year: EUR 18.848 net

(corresponding to EUR 28.527 gross)
2nd and 3rd year: EUR 20.460 net

(corresponding to EUR 31.641 gross)



Finance via a fellowship:

  • Basic fellowship 1st year: about EUR 1.790 per month
  • Basic fellowship 2nd and 3rd year: about EUR 2.000 per month
  • Children's allowance for each dependent child: EUR 291,92 per month
  • Household allowance for members of the personnel who are married or who are entitled to children's allowance: EUR 194,61 per month
  • The contribution of the Student to the health insurance, presently 4.34% of the basic remuneration is subject to annual adjustments

Yearly income:

1st year: EUR 21.480 net

2nd and 3rd year: EUR 23.964 net

For more details see also: ESO Studentships