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IMPRS online application

Step 1. Create your IMPRS online application account here: registration

Step 2. Check your email and confirm your registration

Step 3. Login with your username and password here: login

Please note: We are using a new application interface this year.
Despite intensive testing beforehand, errors were reported in rare cases. If you face any problems by editing or submitting your application, please contact the IMPRS office (office @ and let us know!

Please pay special attention to your PDF files BEFORE uploading! Uploading encypted files where found to cause errors in the submission process. Make sure that your files are not protected ones.

TOEFEL and IELTS official score reports ARE encrypted and some universities also send protected transcripts to make sure that those files can not be changed afterwards by third parties. You can easily decrypt such files by printing them out and making new scans of it.