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Sport Activities

Various sport activities are available for IMPRS students on the campus as well as in sport clubs in Garching, Munich and at the University of Munich. Free-climbing, soccer and tennis courts are available at 5 minutes walking distance from the offices. For more information please contact the people listed below or check the information provided by following the specified links.

    Contact: Martin Hence at MPE (Tel: 089/30000-3313) or Camila Hansen at ESO (Tel: 089/3200-6864)
    LMU (University sport)
    All kinds of sports activities are available for the students of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. Once enrolled at the LMU an almost infinite choice of sports becomes available. From sailing at lake Chimesee to soar -- everything is there.
  • Astro-Dancing Club
  • The Astro Dancing Club is open for all students, PhDs, PostDocs and staff of MPE, MPA and ESO (and associated institutes). We invite interested dancers of all levels and all ages.

    The Astro-Dancing Club takes place every Tuesday evening in the MPE Seminar Room:

    18h30: introduction for beginners

    19h30: free dancing for all levels

    Are you interested in joining as a dancer or a dancing teacher?

    Please send an email to: Astro-Dancing-Club