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Students are expected to give at least two talks during their participation in IMPRS, both on own research and on journal papers. The talks should be for students by students.

The 14th IMPRS Student Symposium will take place
5/6 December 2022


Zoom link: Join the meeting!

Local Organising Committee:
Giulio Bettoni (MPE), Ivanna Langan (ESO), Tommy Chi Ho Lau (USM/LMU),
Jowhiwa van Marrewijk (ESO), Parth Nayak (USM), Wiebke Riedel (MPE), Daryl J. Santos (MPE),
Aditya Singh (USM), Alice Somigliana (ESO), Lazaros Souvaitzis (MPA),
Abinaya Swaruba Rajamuthukumar (MPA), Farideh Tabatabaei (MPE), Beatriz Tucci (ESO), Robert Willer (MPE); Michael Yeung (MPE), Yi Zang (MPE)