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Students are expected to give at least two talks during their participation in IMPRS, both on own research and on journal papers. The talks should be for students by students.

The 13th IMPRS Students Symposium will take place
9/10 June 2022


Zoom link: Join the meeting!

Meeting ID: 950 3662 8289
Passcode: 568892

Local Organising Committee:
Anshuman Acharya (MPA), Arghyadeep Basu(MPA), Francesco Camilloni (MPE), Rik Claes (ESO),
Hitesh Kishore Das (MPA), Luca Delussu (USM), Antonia Drescher (MPE),
Matteo Esposito (USM), Fulvio Ferlito (MPA), Katharina Giers (MPE), Jed Homer (USM),
Yun-Hsin Hsu (USM), Zsofi Igo (MPE), David Kaltenbrunner (MPE)