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PD Dr. Torsten Enßlin

PD Dr. Torsten Enßlin is head of the MPA Planck Analysis Centre (MPAC), which hosts the German participation in the Planck surveyor satellite mission. He holds a doctoral degree in astronomy from Bonn University (1999) for his theoretical work on relativistic particles and magnetic fields in galaxy clusters. In 1999 he was working at Toronto University on radio astronomical observations of galaxy clusters, and moved to the MPA for theoretical research. In 2003, he accepted being the head of MPAC on a tenure-track basis, and became a permanent staff scientist in 2006. For the Planck-project, he supervises the development of software infrastructure, namely the Planck-simulation package, a scientific workflow engine (the ProC), and a data management component interfaced to it. Furthermore, he is member of the German Long Wavelength (GLOW) Consortium, and participates in the Magnetism Key Science Project of LOFAR. His current scientific work embraces investigations of energetic particles and magnetic fields in the large scale structure, theoretical cosmology, and information field theory. The latter is the application of information theory to problems of image reconstruction. It was successfully applied to cosmography, the mapping of the large scale structure as traced by galaxies, to analysis of the cosmic microwave background, and to radio astronomy.

Research interests:

  • Information field theory -- a Bayesian way for image reconstruction
  • Cosmology and Cosmography: large-scale structure, cosmic microwave background, and the early universe
  • Astro-particle physics & particle astrophysics
  • Cosmic magnetism
  • Radio astronomy


Contact Address:

PD Dr. Torsten Enßlin
MPI für Astrophysik
P.O. Box 1317
85741 Garching, Germany

E-Mail: ensslin @

Phone: +49-89-30000-2243