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Advanced Course III

Cosmology, Large Scale Structure, AGNs

Part 1, Hans Boehringer:

Introduction to cosmology, world models, structure formation, observations of the large-scale structure of the Universe, clusters of galaxies

Part 2, Peter Schuecker:

Relativistic world models, the very early Universe, Inflation

Part 3, Thomas Boller:

Active galactic nuclei (AGN), black holes, accretion onto black holes, formation of jets and radio lobes, supermassive black holes in nearby galaxies, cosmological evolution of AGN, unification schemes of AGN

Part 4, Mathias Bartelmann:

Thermodynamics of the young Universe, the cosmic microwave background, gravitational lensing of large-scale structure

Part 5, Guinevere Kauffmann:

Modeling galaxy formation, observation of the properties of galaxy populations at low and high redshift