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Program Committee

The program committee is responsible for all aspects of the PhD program including the preparation and organization of lectures and tutorials, methods courses and seminars. In addition, the program committee is responsible for selecting the advisory committee which guides each student through the PhD program. It will decide on the acceptance of candidates and evaluate the students' performances based on the grades obtained in different parts of the program.

IMPRS Officials

Prof. Dr. Paola Caselli
Institute: MPE
Coordination and Managing
Prof. Dr. Werner Becker
Institute: MPE

IMPRS Executive Committee

Dr. Eugene Churazov
Institute: MPA
PD Dr. Ariel Sánchez
Institute: MPE
Prof. Dr. Joseph Mohr
Institute: LMU
Dr. Michael Hilker
Institute: ESO

IMPRS Student Representatives

Representatives Substitutes
For students started 2023
Pietro Baldini
Institute: MPE
Kai Lehman
Institute: USM/LMU
For students started 2022
Catarina Aydar
Institute: MPE
Thomas Winterhalder
Institute: ESO
For students started 2021
Fulvio Ferlito
Institute: MPA
Soumya Shreeram
Institute: MPE

IMPRS Office Assistant

Annette Hilbert
Institute: MPE